Dear friends

I can imagine that after being stranded in our “bubble” for 4 seasons in a row, and with the progressive lift of constraints, our need for sharing with friends and for family reunions will grow increasingly. Surely, we are going to love preparing get togethers, such as nice outdoors drinks, our backpacks filled with the necessary goodies, a brunch or even a snack at teatime in a lovely park. We also will probably feel the urge to organize a garden-party or an elegant dinner-party to celebrate the past events, the celebrations to come or just to rejoice over friendly get-togethers we long for. So, we have to get ready as we finally have a load of exciting work ahead of us, and that feels good! These fun upcoming events will create new opportunities to discover unusual ingredients, share our seasonal recipes, and try new refreshing beverages. Let’s have a great time!

What’s on your plate is essential, but not just that: summer flowers or fresh greenery set on the table will give it a touch of charm, and music in the background will enhance the pleasure to be together. The newlyweds-to-be, as well as the hosts preparing a large event, can compare my advice with new ideas taken up here and there, and make the perfect combination that will suit their desire for a successful celebration.

Wishing you a joyful and sunny summer,