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Dear friends

You’re a beginner in your kitchen, a student, or cooking is your new passion? Welcome to my home! The good news is that my recipe publications on lesmenusplaisir do not depend on any required criteria; my website is my own personal project, it remains totally ad-free, the time I spend editing is always pleasurable and I work at my own pace. I try to spice things up in your kitchen and I always love sharing photos, favorite recipes, impressions, and my new food crushes. I must admit that ever since I moved to London 6 years ago, my new lifestyle have had a great influence on my cooking. I am very impressed by the way the new chefs’ generation likes to create, compose, and work in a way that what would seem a repelling vegetable at first, becomes a tasteful and surprisingly delicious preparation. I am curious in general, so I try out new recipes or ways of cooking with my friends regularly.

This infatuation for cooking has become very popular in many families and cooking enthusiasm often goes with a good sense of fine dining etiquette: a good meal will be more pleasant in a nice setting. To find out more, read my articles, you might find exactly what you’ve been looking for. If you are preparing a wedding reception or a dinner party, I have shared some advice too…

For those of you who are discovering my website, browsing through the index will give you a good picture of what recipes you’ll find on lesmenusplaisir. I also have dedicated a section on Exhibits Worldwide on Instagram and Facebook.

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Keep well.