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How to cook white asparagus

How to cook white asparagus

My advice is to steam them or use an asparagus steamer.

The asparagus steamer is ideal when you really love asparagus. So, if you are a big fan and have enough space to store it, investing in an asparagus steamer is a good idea. The asparagus are placed standing in the steam basket. The tips of the vegetable are actually steamed, and the stems cooked in the water. Using a steam basket is a great time-saver too as you don’t need to prepare the asparagus bunch, not an easy part …

Steam cooking is a great vitamin-benefit saver. When selecting your asparagus, it is wise to gather those with the same diameter as the cooking time depends on the sizes. For thin asparagus, count 12 minutes and for the larger ones count 18 minutes.

Another way of cooking asparagus is to simply boil them. My advice is to start the cooking by dipping the asparagus in the boiling salted water and not in cold water. Regularly check if it is ready with the tip of your kitchen knife. When the blade goes through the asparagus as if in soft butter, that means it’s ready.

When done, delicately place them on a clean kitchen towel to cool down. They are good warm or cold with a vinaigrette or my mousseline sauce.


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