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Comments & Reviews

Comments & Reviews

Yum, your photos look amazing and It seems delicious! Love your style, bravissimo!!!


OMG this (Caroline’s Autumn Crumble) looks so so fabulous! I love it!

Happy Sunday !

                      Delphine (Brussels)

Look delicious⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


That’s what I love about your Blog Chantal : you keep on surprising us ! This is the only Food Blog that makes me hungry just by looking at it! You make us feel like getting in the kitchen and making Art! I love your advice and personal notes, your pictures are very stimulating and mouthwatering … Thank you for your energy and enthusiasm I look forward to discovering your travel photography and tips pages. You’re amazing! Keep up the good work!


Hi, Chantal, I was looking at your food blog over the week-end and I’m so amazed, truly personalized…Tried and tested! The photos wet my appetite…Congratulations  Love it ! Hugs

Yvonne Brussels

Yes, yes, yes!! It is a must-have website of fragrant and exquisite recipes : easy to make, healthy food with simple ingredients. I love this balanced approach to the enjoyment of food. Thanks Chantal, for sharing your passion and make us love cooking. Keep these wonderful recipes coming.

Roua, Brussels

This recipe (Gnocchi with horseradish sauce) looks heavenly!! Will definitely give a go. Thanks for sharing.

Flavia (London)

I have discovered Chantal’s website when she launched it 2 years ago and OMG! At home there is not a special meal that we prepare without checking this blog…Everything is so mouthwatering, super easy recipes to handle and the result is like promised on the beautiful pictures : excellent but simple! Visit the website, it is very easy to browse, and on to of it is in English now…Happy cooking and tasting!

Lamia (London)

Love your style !


Great logo – I like it very much. Bravissimo !!! Very proud of you !!!!

Your pictures are really become very pretty.

Caroline (New Caledonia)

This is the cooking blog from my good French Friend Chantal André. Take a peak, there are some amazing original recipes. You can even have the easy app on your phone. Happy cooking!

Mapie (North Carolina-US)

I just love Les Menus Plaisir

This new English version is beautiful, mouth watering and new recipes are added regularly. I really appreciate little tricks that make planning an event so much easier. Last but not least, the recipes are well balanced and healthy.

Christine (Sainte-Maxime)

Thank you Chantal !

Another successful story for LES MENUS PLAISIR… Well done!


Hello FB Friends, visit Chantal’s website for new mouthwatering recipes from all over the world, simple and delicious, if you want to impress your friends! There are also stunning travel pictures that let you travel without moving your feet !

Lamia (London)

Yum, your photos look amazing and it seems delicious! Love your style, bravissimo !!!

Rachel, Brussels

I highly recommend this wonderful blog. You can’t go wrong with these recipes and it’s always a pleasure to browse through it.


Well done Chantal !
Cylia (London)

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