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Dear friends

I think you may have noticed by now: my favorite playground is my kitchen. This is where I have the most energy, where I feel most enthusiastic. My website “Les Menus Plaisir” now feels a bit like a “second home” to me. Each time I can, I get into it with passion and it’s always a pleasure to share my favorite recipes and my latest crush with you. Thank you again, Catherine for your enthusiasm and your availability to translate my recipes. The English version is looking great thanks to you! I’m also very fond of all the comments and shared cooking experiences on my overall publications. I am so touched by such positive feedback! Thank you for taking the time to write to me, I really do appreciate it. 

In the heart of the winter season, I love to cook warm and comforting dishes, usually loaded with vitamins, you know … the kind you cook over low-heat and in large quantities as their taste improves when you warm up the left-overs … If you are more into a change of scenery, or if you need a bit of warm sunshine in your kitchen, or even just out of curiosity, I suggest you go to my “Cuisine around the World” section. I am sure you’ll find just what you need for a new savory journey… And of course, a cozy dinner with just a couple of friends is always a pleasure 😉 Preparing jams is in season too, whether you like citrus, pears or any other winter fruit marmalade, now is also the time to make crepes, or to enjoy sipping invigorating drinks, and why not making yummy generous desserts. Cheers.

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