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Limonana (Middle Eastern Mint Lemonade)

Limonana (Middle Eastern Mint Lemonade)

Limonana, also called Lemon & Mint Lemonade in the Middle-East, is very popular in Egypt, Israel, Lebanon and Jordan. There are so many versions! It is sipped during lunch, at bars on the beach, and grabbed on the go on a hot day. I’m sharing this Lemonade made in Jordan with you.

Limonana (Middle Eastern Mint Lemonade)

22 May 2023
: 2 to 4
: 7 min
: 3 min
: 10 min
: Very easy

You need a blender.


  • 15g fresh mint leaves
  • 160ml fresh lemon juice
  • 250ml cold or iced water
  • 30g brown sugar
  • 300 to 400g ice cubes
  • Step 1 Place the lemon juice, the sugar and the mint leaves in the blender and blitz on high speed. Once it is smooth, pour it all in a pitcher with the iced water. Stir well. Serve immediately with ice cubes or crushed ice. The crushed mint usually makes its way to the top of the drink, and served with a straw, that refreshing drink is a winner.

Good to know!

The word “limonana” is a combinaison of the Hebrew word for lemon (limon) and the Arabic word for Mint (nana).

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