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homemade orangettes

homemade orangettes

How to make orangettes? Buy fresh oranges and premium luxury dark chocolate, and give this easy orangette recipe a try. You’ll love it!

homemade orangettes

3 November 2020
: makes about 300gr orangettes
: 50 min
: 1 hr 15 min
: 24 hr
: easy

Various methods are used to prepare the Orangettes. I only tried this one but you can trust me, these candied chocolate oranges were really delicious! Do it with children, family or friend, you'll enjoy even more. Making candied fruits is so much fun too : make them with children, family or friends, you are sure to have a good time. You may use lemon peels to get Citronnettes ! Grapefruits are excellent too.


  • 2 organic large oranges
  • caster sugar
  • 200 to 300 gr dark cooking chocolate
  • water
  • wax paper and oven rack
  • Step 1 Start by cutting out the oranges ends so that they can lay flat on one side. Set the orange on one of the flat sides. Insert your kitchen knife between the skin and the pulp of the oranges and scalp the orange skin. This is called ” pelling the orange alive”. You will have 6 to 8 large orange strips. If some of the pulp still shows on the skin, it’s for the better. Cut each strip of the skin into long thin strips. Proceed in the same manner with the second orange. Don’t wait too long to use the orange fruit left so you get all the vitamins. You can make fresh juice or simply a fruit salad.
  • Step 2 Place the orange strips in a pot, cover with cold water and start warming after covering the pot. When it boils, drain, discard the water, rinse the orange strips with cold water. Repeat this operation twice.
  • Step 3 When this is done, let the orange strips cool down and weigh them. Place them in a pot again, add the weight of the orange in sugar, cover this preparation with cold water and let it simmer for about 40 minutes. Your home should now be smelling so good !
  • Step 4 When it’s over, you should have a nice syrup left at the bottom of your pot. It is very important to check regularly when simmering, keeping in mind you need to have syrup at the end. When the orange strips are cooked, let them cool down and drain them. You may save the syrup if you want to make a cake or to add to a fruit salad.
  • Step 5 ​Now it’s drying time : place the orange strips on a rack (could be an oven rack), and let them dry for 24 hours at room temperature. You may then store them in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours before coating with the chocolate. In this case, use wax paper, put the orange strips on the wax paper they should be separated and should not touch one another. Roll the wax paper with the orange strips in it so it does not take up so much space in your fridge.
  • Step 6 ​On D day, melt the chocolate in a double boiler and dip each cold strip in the chocolate pot. Make sure they are nicely coated. Use a fork or a small clip to place the chocolate coated orange strips on wax paper and let them dry in the refrigerator. This does take time, but it is quite pleasant to do.
  • Step 7 When dry and cold, store the chocolate coated candied orange strips in an airtight box in the fridge. You may store them several days but always make sure to serve quite cool to avoid having chocolate stains on your fingers !​

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