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Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Visiting Costa Rica must be savored slowly, carefully because no detail can be overlooked. I loved it! It’s a tiny country (the size of Switzerland) bordered by Nicaragua to the North Panama to the Southeast. “The Rich Coast” has earned its name : with coastlines on the Caribbean and Pacific it is known for its beaches, volcanoes, and biodiversity.  Saint José is the capital. It has a population of around 5 million.

    With no army or enemy Costa Rica peaceful nature is evident in its people’s way of life. Pura Vida is Costa Rica’s mantra. It means “simple life” but also everything is great, no worries, no stress, be thankful…! It is reflected in the easy smiles and kindnesses of Costa Ricans.

We did a lot of outdoor activities : rainforest hikes , high-altitude trails near San José, treks, rafting, zip lines and canopy tours, horseback riding , snorkeling. We saw awesome waterfalls, beautiful sunsets, famous hot springs and beaches, a lot of wildlife too. 

   It takes 12 hours to get there from London. The food is delicious, you’ll speak Spanish and learn to be patient (things run a lot slower than in any other country)…You’ll mainly have to drive between destinations, we rented cars. The roads are sometimes in poor condition or simply not on Google Map but that only adds to the adventure and with the music on the radio and the beautiful scenery, driving won’t ruin your vacation. Here is my Caribbean Playlist to relax and enjoy the photos.

Photos & drone : Alexandre, Simon, Marc, Julien, Diane, Thomas, Audrey and me.

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