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Blueberry smoothie

Blueberry smoothie

When your blueberries are stored in the refrigerator, this delicious smoothie can be prepared and served in 5 minutes-time.

Blueberry smoothie

17 November 2021
: 4 to 6
: 5 min
: 5 min
: Easy

This smoothie is to be served immediately after preparation to benefit from its good nutritional values and will keep its wonderful color.


  • 3 ewe yogurts
  • 3 TBS honey
  • 300 g organic blueberries, fresh or frozen
  • Step 1 Place all the ingredients in your blender and mix. Stir and serve immediately in glasses. Serve with a straw or a spoon if you decide to add some fruits on top.

Good to know!

Berries and small fruits are known to be rich in fibre, minerals, oligo elements, and vitamins. In the summer, you may add small ice cubes or crushed ice to this preparation. Maple syrup can be used too instead of honey. Add some cow milk or oat milk and mix again if your smoothie is too thick to your taste.

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