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TIME TO RELAX! Things to do when locked down!

TIME TO RELAX!            Things to do when locked down!

As we are facing a second lockdown, and although the fall season does not provide the light and the warmth we enjoyed so much last spring, we cannot say that we were taken by surprise to manage this restrained freedom.

To the daily necessary exercise, the meals to prepare and the load of work we have to accomplish,  I do have additional ideas I would like to share with you:


A majority of great Museums are now available online. Le Centre Pompidou offers masterclasses and many exciting podcasts. Le Louvre Museum organizes online conferences… a whole new world of cultural e-learning is just a click away for anyone from home … you may even take a tour of Le Château de Versailles online…


A tremendous number of art exhibits are available on YouTube: conferences, talk shows, debates …


Music will come to you thanks to the Paris Philarmonie. Simply browse through La Philarmonie de Paris website and make your selection through the many programmes offered.


Queen’s Gambit, a captivating short series about the highly gifted chess player throughout the 60’s. The main character is divinely played by the actress Anya Taylor-Joy.

Little Fires Everywhere, another mini series about racism with Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington, two great actresses
Hollywood, a new creative series. Can’t wait for Season 2, it’s good !
This Is Us , I love it. Many seasons are out already, a bid modern sage.

The Crown, a great series. At the top of the Box-Office when you like History.

The Morning Show, a great series about sexual harrassment with Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon. Season 2 is coming up.

Le Bureau des Légendes, a world renowned series about French Secret Services… already 5 Seasons to watch, very well thought and great performing actors … an exilarating series !

Chernobyl, a short series counting only 5 episodes about the 1986  Ukrain tragedy. Captivating, great actors … and stressful !

Big little Lies, even if you have read this great book, you will definitely enjoy the adaptation !

Poldark, this British series already counts 5 seasons. The setting is 18th Century Cornwall : if you like romance, loyalty, anti-heroes, adventure, all in beautiful Cornwall sceneries, you will love Poldark.

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