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Blackberry jam

Blackberry jam

This marmalade is absolutely delicious, but it takes time and is quite messy to prepare. I also have to add that the fruits need to be cooked soon after having been picked, so make space for a “jam making workshop” in your agenda!

Blackberry jam

1 September 2021
: For 6 jars
: 30 min
: 3 hr
: 4 hr
: A bit messy and a little challenging

Sometimes, things may vary in the making: I also cooked the batches one day apart, used a potato masher to crush the blackberries after the first cooking part or used the butter at the very beginning, the recipe was still perfect. Using crystal sugar is good too, just make sure the marmalade is thick enough before putting in the jar. In this case, the cold plate test is mandatory.


  • 2 kg of wild handpicked blackberries
  • 1 kg sugarcane (for an optimized preservation use 750 g sugar for 1 kg fruits)
  • 50 g of salted butter
  • 1 and ½ lemon
  • Peels from 2 apples
  • A potato masher
  • An apron
  • Gloves
  • The complete jam making kit
  • Step 1 Roughly rinse the fruits with fresh water and drain. Remove the stems and any unwanted bits and pieces in the way. Heat up the fruits with the sugarcane. Place the lemon seeds and the apple peels in a large tea ball and insert in the fruits/sugar mix along with the lemon juice. Cook twice, allowing a two-hour gap between the 2 cooking sessions. Add a bit of water if you feel it is necessary until you obtain the right thickness. Add the butter to the preparation at the end of the second cooking session. Make the cold plate test to check if it is ready.
  • Step 2 Use the potato masher to get rid of as many seeds as possible. At this point, beware of stains. Heat up the fruits one last time before filling the jars. This marmalade can be stored several months in a cool and dry place. If you use the 750g sugar for 1 kg fruit-method, the marmalade can even be stored for years. Once open, the jar must be stored in the refrigerator, and eaten within a few weeks.

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